Privacy Policy

Last modified 1 December 2020 with the effective date of 1 December 2020.

This Policy informs you and describes the policies and practices applied by the Company when it receives your Information through, by means of, and (or) in connection with the Services.

When you use any of the Services, you unconditionally accept, agree, and understand that we collect, process, use, and store your Information as described in this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, you must stop using the Services and refrain from using the Services until and unless you accept the Policy in its entirety.

All capitalized, and if expressly indicated non-capitalized, terms and expressions shall have the meanings attached to them in Section 1 of this Policy ('Terms and Definitions').


1.1. 'Collect', 'collection' (whether typed with a capital letter or not) shall mean jointly (i) a process of receiving information about you and your activities within any of the Services and, unless otherwise expressly provided for in the Policy, (ii) processes of storage, transfer, processing, and deletion of any such information.

1.2. 'Contact Page' shall mean the Internet address

1.3. 'Cookies' shall mean jointly cookies and other similar technologies.

1.4. 'Information' shall mean any information and (or) data relating or pertaining to an identified or identifiable individual regardless the means how it has been collected, obtained, or received by us.

1.5. 'Policy' shall mean this Privacy Policy of the Company.

1.6. 'Services' shall mean collectively the Website, the applications available at the Website, the mailboxes which are located at A reference to the 'Services' shall mean all the Services and a reference to a 'Service' shall mean any of the Services.

1.7. 'We', 'us', 'our', 'Company' etc (whether typed with a capital letter or not) shall refer to AAR Innovations and, where the context requires, also to its officers, employers, agents, and contractors.

1.8. 'Website' shall mean an Internet site accessible at and includes all and any pages contained thereat.

1.9. 'You', 'your', 'yours' (whether typed with a capital letter or not) shall refer and relate to any user of any of the Services.


The following Information about you may be collected by us:

2.1. Information that you have voluntarily provided to us:/

2.1.1. Registration information: when purchasing our services and applications, you may be requested to provide you name, e-mail address, billing address, Google or Apple account ID and other data as required by a payment service provider.

2.1.2. Support-related information: when contacting our support services, you may be requested to identify yourself by a full name and e-mail address and provide some technical information required to resolve your issue or answer your question issue (this may include your device model and an exact version of your operating system, the circumstances of the issue occurrence, some data files etc).

2.1.3. Other information: in course of using the Services you may choose to provide to us some other information.

2.2. Information that has been automatically generated and collected about you when you use the Services:

2.2.1. Cookies: we use Cookies to improve and enrich your experience when using the Services and understand the usage patterns. For more information about our Cookies policy, see the 'How We Use Cookies' section below.

2.2.2. Information related to your use of the Services: some information may be transferred by you to us such as Services use information, communications with our team, and transaction details.

2.3. Information that has been received by us from third parties

2.3.1. Payment services providers: when making a purchase of a Service with an independent payment service provider (which may include Google Inc, Apple Inc and their respective subsidiaries or affiliates), such provider may inform us on your purchase and deliver the relevant order information, including your full name, e-mail address, date and time of the payment and others.

2.3.2. Information received by us from other third parties: in a course of using the Service some other third parties may supply information about you, for example, Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store may inform us that a particular customer has downloaded and installed a Service.

2.4. Children. The Services are not targeted at, offered to, or intended for children, and we do not knowingly collect any Information from children under the age of eighteen (18). If it comes to your knowledge that a child has provided us with Information contrary the terms of this Policy, please contact us immediately using the contact details indicated below in this Policy.


We use your Information for the following purposes:

3.1. Provision of the Services to you. We will use the Information about you to perform our contractual obligations towards you. This may be done in a course of performance of the following obligations (without limitation): obligations to provide support, obligation to deliver registration keys and store your registration information, obligation to correct errors, and others.

3.2. Improvement of the Services. We are constantly adding new features and fixing errors to the benefit of our customers. In a course of these activities, we may use the collected Information to determine what feature or error needs to be dealt with first, how to implement a particular feature and to accomplish similar types of tasks. We generally use the Information voluntarily provided by you to our Support service or as comments on Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store or any other publicly available website.

3.3. Help and support. When you face an issue with a Service and contact us with a request to help, we may request you to provide the Information that identifies you as our client (name and e-mail address) and details of your issue (this may include your device model and an exact version of your operating system, the circumstances of the issue occurrence, some data files etc). This information will be used to analyse your problem and determine the optimal solution. It may also be used to further improve the Services.

3.4. Analytics. We perform regular analysis of the Information we receive from you and other customers aiming to understand the successes and failures of the Services and further improve them. The outcomes of this analysis are anonymized data which reflects current trends and tries to predict upcoming changes.

3.5. Newsletters and marketing activities. If you have opted to receive our news and marketing messages, we will use your data to deliver to you the most relevant information about the Services, their updates, overviews of new features, use cases, time-limited discounts and other relevant information. You may opt out to receive our news and marketing messages at any time.

3.6. Compliance with laws, fraud prevention, and defences. We are under an ongoing duty to comply with various laws and we use the Information to (i) ensure that the Services are not used to commit crime, fraud, or otherwise breach legislation applicable, directly or indirectly, to the Company; (ii) monitor that you comply with your contractual obligations towards us; (iii) defend ourselves against any action in court or arbitration anywhere in the world; (iv) enforce the contractual terms that we benefit from. In a course of these activities we will collect, process, and use any Information that we have collected from you and about you, whether directly or indirectly, including from third parties.


4.1. General information about the Cookies:

4.1.1. If you would like to understand HTTP cookies in-depth, it is advised to read a Wikipedia article available here:

4.1.2. Generally speaking, the Cookies help us understand how you navigate around and use our Website, evaluate how the Website performs in general, see which parts of our websites you have visited, help us measure the performance of advertising, and give us insights into your needs and interests so we can improve the Services and create a better experience for you in the future.

4.2. We use the following cookies:

4.2.1. Strictly necessary cookies. This type of cookies is required for our Services to function and be available to you; in other words, without these cookies some or all Services may not function as intended and as expected. If you object to use these cookies, please stop using the Services.

4.2.2. Functional cookies. This type of cookies is used to identify you when you visit the Website more than once. This enables us to offer to your personalize content, store your preferences (by a way of example only: your choice of language or region).

4.2.3. Analytical or performance cookies. This type of cookies is use for analytical purposes aiming to maintain and improve the Services. We use Google Analytics to assist us with understanding how our customers interact with the Services without identifying an individual customer. You can opt out the use of Google Analytics without affecting how you visit our Website by downloading and installing a relevant plug-in available at or via your Google Account advertising settings.

4.3. Blocking the Cookies: you can block the Cookies by configuring your internet browser to completely block all the Cookies or to block only the selected Cookies. Blocking all or some Cookies may cause the Services to function not as intended by us:

4.3.1. Chrome (all platforms):

4.3.2. Firefox (all platforms):

4.3.3. Microsoft Edge (Windows):

4.3.4. Opera:

4.3.5. Safari (Mac):

4.3.6. Safari (iOS):

4.4. Save for the essential Cookies, all cookies will expire no later than 2 years after their creation.


We may share your Information with selected third parties, which includes vendors and providers that play an essential role in the lifecycle of the Services provision (by a way of example only):

5.1. Analytics providers. We may engage various analytics, segmentation, and mobile measurement service providers who assist us with understanding the ways our users interact with the Services. This includes Google LLC, which is based in the United States. Google‘s policies in relation information from sites or applications that use its services is available here:, If you would like to opt-out Google Analytics, please familiarize yourself with the following article:

5.2. Payment processors. A payment processor is a company responsible for processing of financial transactions for which purpose it has access to payment and your Information. It may use your Information pursuant to its privacy policy which you may access at its website.

5.3. Law enforcement agencies, public authorities, judicial bodies, and similar organisations. We may be required to disclose your Information in the following circumstances: (i) when it is our legal duty under an applicable law; (ii) when it is our good faith understanding that such use is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, process, or request; (iii) when we enforce terms of any legal agreement, policy, and (or) standard, including without limitation investigation of any suspected or alleged violation thereof; (iv) when we eliminate, prevent, or otherwise deal with a security, fraud, or technical issue; and (or) (v) when we enforce and (or) protect our rights, property, or safety, or the same of our users or a third party or the public as may be required or permitted under the applicable law (including without limitation exchanging the relevant Information with any other body corporate, public body, and (or) non-governmental organisation for the purposes of crime or fraud combat or prevention).

5.4. Changes in the corporate structure or ownership. If we participate or otherwise involved in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganisation, partnership, asset sale, or other transaction, we may disclose your Information as part of that activity always subject to an appropriate confidentiality obligation on the part of the parties involved.

5.5. We aim to implement available security measures to ensure your privacy and safety of your Information. Unfortunately, because of the constant development of software and hardware technologies, a 100 per cent secure transmission of Information via the Internet cannot be guaranteed. Also, we do not control and, therefore, cannot be somehow responsible for any third party components, software, and (or) technology involved into the provision of the Services. Be advised that such third party components, software, and (or) technology may collect, store, process, share, and (or) otherwise use your Information that you have sent via the Services. Please carefully review the respective privacy policies before using the Services.


6.1. Your Information will be processed by our employees, officers, agents, contractors, and (or) service providers and may be stored on servers located in various locations worldwide. We take steps to ensure all transfers are protected by adequate legal and technical safeguards.


7.1. Your Information may be stored for a period of time required to attain the purposes set out in this Policy. In a standard case scenario, it is stored from the moment you register with a Service and until (i) three (3) calendar years after the moment when you used the relevant Service for the last time, or (ii) time reasonably required to erase your data following your valid erasure request (see the 'Erasure' section below for more details). Some Information that has been collected may be stored for a longer period if we have an overriding legitimate legal duty, contractual right, and (or) interest to retain such Information (by a way of example only: information on suspicious activities that may evidence of fraudulent or criminal behavior).

7.2. If your Information is being deleted, we take reasonable measures to ensure that such Information cannot be recovered or reproduced, and that electronic files which contain this Information are deleted permanently.


8.1. If you are residing in the European Economic Area, you have certain rights in relation to your Information (please see below). If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us via the Contact Page.

8.2. Right of Access. You have the right to access your Information and to receive an explanation of how we use it and who we share it with. The right to access has its limitations which means that we will not (i) disclose trade or commercial secrets or (ii) provide Information that is unrelated specifically and exclusively to you.

8.3. Right to be Forgotten. You have the right to have your Information deleted, and upon such deletion all your Information will be removed from our systems. In a standard case scenario, only an encrypted copy of your Information will be retained in our backup records for ninety (90) days, although we reserve the right to retain some of your Information where we have valid grounds for this under the relevant data protection laws. By a way of example only: for the defence from legal claims, respect freedom of expression, or where we have an overriding legitimate interest for such retention.

8.3.1. Please be advised that where your Information is held by a third party data controller (that may include a payment processor), you should contact such third party directly as provided for in their privacy policies and request the deletion of your data.

8.4. Right to Object. You may have the right to object to our processing of your Information. This applies in the circumstances where we process your Information on the basis of our legitimate interests (see Section 3 ('How We May Use Information About You') of this Policy for more details), or where the Information is used for the purposes of direct marketing. If you wish to exercise your right to object, please do the following:

8.4.1. Object subscription to marketing newsletters: each newsletter contains a designated 'unsubscribe' link located at the end of each message. Follow the link to complete the subscription process.

8.4.2. Object the use of our cookies: configure your browser settings to block the relevant cookies as advised by your browser developer. Helpful links for the most popular browsers can be found at Section 4.3 of this Policy.

8.4.3. Object to the other processing based on our legitimate interests: contact us via the Contact Page. Please be advised that we may have an overriding legitimate interest to continue processing your Information; you will be advised if this applies to your situation.

8.5. Other Rights. You also have the following rights:

8.5.1. Portability. You have the right to receive an electronic copy of your Information that we have processed on the basis of your consent or contract in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, or to request that such Information is transferred to a third party expressly designated by you.

8.5.2. Correction. You have the right to have any Information about you that we store corrected if that Information is inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading.

8.5.3. Restriction. You have the right in certain circumstances to demand from us to cease processing your Information for the purposes other than storage.


9.1. We will gladly answer your questions, help with any issues, and respond to your comments and requests with regard to this Policy and its application.

9.2. Any complaints concerning the way we process your Information shall be filed via the contact form at the Contact Page. This is without prejudice to your right to initiate a claim with a relevant data protection authority. We advise to contact us before making a formal complaint because almost all issues are resolved in a course of negotiations.

9.3. This Policy may be changed without notice. If a material change is introduced into this Policy, the updated text of the Policy will be published at the present web page, and you will be notified via Services and (or) newsletters. It is advised to check this web page regularly for any updates to the Policy.

9.4. All links to third-party resources are valid on the date of publication of the Policy and may be changed by a relevant third-party at any time in the future without notifying us. We assume no responsibility for the accessibility of these third-party links.