Sound Notification plugin

Sound Notification plugin for Mibew Messenger plays sound in the operator's browser when new visitor requests a chat. Plugin is used for AnyFileBackup customer live support.


  1. Download the plugin package.
  2. Untar/unzip the plugin's archive.
  3. Put files of the plugin to the "/plugins" folder of the directory where Mibew Messenger is installed.
  4. Navigate to the "/operator/plugin" page and enable the plugin.


Plugin has configuration parameters stored in the "config" variable of plugin file "js/users_plugin.js":


Option Defaults Type Description
sounds - array Collection of sound objects. Each object contains information about sound file name
path - string Path to sound files directory
preload false boolean Preloading sounds.
loop true boolean/number If set to true will enable infinite loop. To set the loop limit specify a number of repeats
volume 1.0 number Playback volume from 0 to 1

The sound will stop when operator moves a mouse cursor over the browser window.


Sound Notification plugin is free, open source and licensed under Apache License 2.0.

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