Highlights Extractor Frequently Asked Questions

Which e-book readers are supported

  1. PocketBook:
    • successfully tested on PocketBook HD firmware versions 5.16 - 5.19 and PocketBook InkPad 3
  2. Sony PRS:
    • models T1, T2, and T3; successfully tested on Sony PRS T3
If your e-book reader is not yet supported, please contact us - we will do our best to help

How to make highlights / mark text in an e-book reader (PocketBook or Sony PRS)

  1. Open any e-book (preferably in epub, fb2 or txt format)
  2. Touch with your finger and hold a particular word on the screen. The word will become highlighted:

    E-ink readers highlights
  3. Drag a left and/or right slider until you select the phrase you want

    Ebook text quote

  4. For PocketBook: Press the button that looks like a marker at the top or bottom left corner (located on a horizontal panel that appears)

    For Sony PRS: Press the 'Highlight' button that appeared right above the selected phrase

The advantages of the desktop edition

  • Does not require access to the Internet
  • In addition to highlighted text also saves the reader's notes that have been made in the text
  • Allows to use css styles to customize the output file (where highlights and notes are stored)
  • Works on multiple operating systems

System requirements

  • Operating systems: any Windows, MacOS (64 bit version)

How to connect an e-book reader (PocketBook or Sony PRS) to a computer

The easiest way to connect your e-book to a computer is with a USB cable. It may be the same cable that you use to connect your e-book to a charger.
  1. Turn on your e-book reader and computer
  2. Plug-in the USB cable to the computer
  3. Plug-in the other end of the USB cable to the e-book reader
  4. The e-book reader may request you to answer a question about the connection:
    • PocketBook: may display the following message: 'Select the USB mode'. Select the 'PC link' answer.

      Export e-book highlights
    • Sony PRS: may display the following message: 'Do you want this computer to recognize this device?'. Select the 'Yes' answer.

      Save ebook annotations
  5. The computer will recognize your e-book reader, and it will look like a hard disk or removable USB drive.

    Export ebook notes

How to access and extract your quotes and notes

  1. Connect your e-ink reader to a computer with a USB cable;
  2. Run Highlights Extractor file:
    • On Windows:
      from Explorer double click 'eink_highlights_extractor.jar' file;
      from command line type 'java -jar eink_highlights_extractor.jar';
    • On Linux: 'eink_highlights_extractor.jar';
    • On MacOS: 'eink_highlights_extractor.jar';
  3. Select the disk assigned to your e-ink reader after the connection with it has been established and the e-book reader has been recognized by the operating system;
  4. Select the e-ink reader model from the list;
  5. Click the 'Next' button;
  6. Mark the books from which you want to extract highlights and notes; choose 'Select all' check box to select all available books;
  7. Choose the folder where the extracted highlights and notes will be stored;
  8. Select the output file format from the list;
  9. Press the 'Extract' button.

Command line support

The Desktop Edition of the Highlights Extractor can run in command line. With the command line you may use the Highlights Extractor in a console window without a GUI (graphic user interface). The following command line options are supported:
  • -readertype: Reader type: POCKETBOOK|SONY
  • -disk: Reader disk/folder
  • -savetofolder: Save to folder
  • -h, -help: Command line options
  • -outputformat: Output file(s) format: HTML|TEXT. Default: TEXT
  • -singlefilename: Save to a single file with the specified name
java -jar eink_highlights_extractor.jar -disk ~/reader -readertype POCKETBOOK -savetofolder ~/reader_notes -outputformat HTML

Download Highlights Extractor for E-Ink Readers