Highlights Extractor for E-Ink Readers

This on-line extractor saves all text marked in an e-book on PocketBook or highlighted in an e-book on Sony PRS into a TXT file format to your computer.

There is also a desktop version of this extractor with advanced functions which you can run locally on your computer.

HINT: How to make highlights / mark text in an e-book reader (PocketBook or Sony PRS)

(a) Open any e-book (preferably in epub, fb2 or txt format)

(b)Touch with your finger and hold a particular word on the screen. The word will become highlighted:

(c) Drag a left and/or right slider until you select the phrase you want

(d) For PocketBook: Press the button that looks like a marker at the top or bottom left corner (located on a horizontal panel that appears)

For Sony PRS: Press the 'Highlight' button that appeared right above the selected phrase

HINT: What if something is not working or I want a new feature?

Please let us know about any issues you might have experienced when using this extractor. We also want to know how to improve the extractor and your ideas will be very much appreciated. Please visit the contact page to select the most convenient to contact us.

INFO: Confidentiality statement

Any information (including books.db file) submitted at www.aar-innovations.com is not used otherwise than to extract highlights from books.db and make these highlights available for download. This means that books.db is permanently deleted immediately after the extraction is complete, and a file with highlights is stored on www.aar-innovations.com during one (1) hour after the completion of extraction. After this all files are permanently deleted and will no longer be available (thus, you cannot share links to your files with extracted highlights).

STEP 1. Select your e-book reader:

HINT: Which e-book readers are supported?

PocketBook: all PocketBook readers with firmware that saves marked text to the 'books.db' file. Successfully tested on PocketBook HD firmware version 5.16 and 5.17.
Sony PRS: Sony PRS T1, T2, and T3. Successfully tested on Sony PRS T3
If your e-book reader is not yet supported, please contact us - we will do our best to help .

HINT: How to connect an e-book reader (PocketBook or Sony PRS) to a computer

The easiest way to connect your e-book to a computer is with a USB cable. It may be the same cable that you use to connect your e-book to a charger.

(a) Turn on your e-book reader and computer

(b) Plug-in the USB cable to the computer

(c) Plug-in the other end of the USB cable to the e-book reader

(d) The e-book reader may request you to answer a question about the connection:

PocketBook: may display the following message: 'Select the USB mode'. Select the 'PC link' answer.

Sony PRS: may display the following message: 'Do you want this computer to recognise this device?'. Select the 'Yes' answer.

(e) The computer will recognise your e-book reader, and it will look like a hard disk or removable USB drive.

STEP 2. Choose a 'books.db' file:

HINT: What is books.db?

All highlights / marked text made in the e-book are stored in a file named 'books.db'. This file is located on the e-book reader.

HINT: Where to find books.db?

The 'books.db' file is located on the e-book reader. After you have connected the e-book to the computer, you can access 'books.db':

PocketBook: D:\system\config\books.db ('D:' is a PocketBook drive letter and may vary).

Some users may experience difficulties with finding the '\system\' folder because it is hidden (simply speaking it has a 'hidden' attribute selected). Please read PecketBook's official answer to the question 'I Cannot Find the System Folder' here: http://www.pocketbook-int.com/us/support/faq/198/3113

Sony PRS: D:\Sony_Reader\database\books.db ('D:' is a Sony PRS drive letter and may vary).

HINT: Sony PRS' highlights character limit

Sony PRS readers allow to highlight any number of characters in an e-book but store only first 200 characters in 'books.db' file. Therefore, if your highlighted phrase is longer than 200 characters (including spaces, commas, etc.), then everything exceeding this limit would not be saved to 'books.db' and would not be extracted.

STEP 3. Enter the capcha:
STEP 4. Press the button to receive the extracted highlights: