Highlights Extractor for E-Ink Readers

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Download desktop application for Windows and Mac OS

This on-line extractor saves all text marked in an e-book on PocketBook or highlighted in an e-book on Sony PRS into a TXT file format to your computer. The service is free.

There is also a desktop edition of this extractor with advanced functions which you can run locally on your computer.

HINT: How to make highlights / mark text in an e-book reader (PocketBook or Sony PRS)

(a) Open any e-book (preferably in epub, fb2 or txt format)
(b)Touch with your finger and hold a particular word on the screen. The word will become highlighted:
E-ink readers highlights
(c) Drag a left and/or right slider until you select the phrase you want
Ebook text quote
(d) For PocketBook: Press the button that looks like a marker at the top or bottom left corner (located on a horizontal panel that appears)

For Sony PRS: Press the 'Highlight' button that appeared right above the selected phrase

HINT: Which e-book readers are supported?

PocketBook: all PocketBook readers with firmware that saves marked text to the 'books.db' file. Successfully tested on PocketBook HD firmware versions 5.16 - 5.19 and PocketBook InkPad 3
Sony PRS: Sony PRS T1, T2, and T3. Successfully tested on Sony PRS T3
If your e-book reader is not yet supported, please contact us - we will do our best to help .

HINT: How to connect an e-book reader (PocketBook or Sony PRS) to a computer

The easiest way to connect your e-book to a computer is with a USB cable. It may be the same cable that you use to connect your e-book to a charger.
(a) Turn on your e-book reader and computer
(b) Plug-in the USB cable to the computer
(c) Plug-in the other end of the USB cable to the e-book reader
(d) The e-book reader may request you to answer a question about the connection:
PocketBook: may display the following message: 'Select the USB mode'. Select the 'PC link' answer.
Export e-book highlights
Sony PRS: may display the following message: 'Do you want this computer to recognise this device?'. Select the 'Yes' answer.
Save ebook annotations
(e) The computer will recognise your e-book reader, and it will look like a hard disk or removable USB drive.
Export ebook notes

Desktop edition