AnyFileBackup Professional Edition

gives users unlimited options in replicating, synchronizing and backing up any data located at any FTP, HTTP, disk, mailbox and etc. With newest technologies this product can monitor hundreds of file locations and operate thousands of files simultaneously. AnyFileBackup is designed for system administrators, though also can be very useful for any users who deals with big volumes of data.

AnyFileBackup LAN and FTP Editions

deliver AnyFileBackup PRO data backup and sync functionality designed for small or medium businesses.

Highlighted Text Extractor for E-Ink Readers

saves all text marked in an e-book on PocketBook or highlighted in an e-book on Sony PRS into a TXT file format to your computer.

Tray Notification plugin for Mibew Messenger

notifies a Mibew operator about new visitors requesting a chat in the Windows system tray.

Sound Notification plugin for Mibew Messenger

plays sound in the operator's browser when new visitor requests a chat.

Ascella Fullscreen Timer

assists with sport and other activities requiring time-measurements (exams, cooking, etc) - it measures the time you have spent on a particular exercise and displays the time in a full-screen mode with large digits allowing to see the time from a distance (for example, the other side of your room).