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Why Busy Life Planner? It assists you with handling, managing, and organizing hundreds and thousands of your tasks, notes, and projects - from making a list of groceries to managing multi-stream projects. It will make your life calmer and less busy by putting all sorts of tasks in order.

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Is it free or not free to use Busy Life Planner at home and for business?

Busy Life Planner is truly free for both home and office use. You cannot sell Busy Life Planner and any rights to it but you may freely (that is without paying anything to us) use it, for example, to make a list of tasks for your business project.

What is the Eisenhower Table?

Also known as 'matrix' or 'box', its origin is attributed to 34th US President Dwight D. Eisenhower who claimed to deal with two type of problems - urgent and important. The table was also discussed in Steven R. Kovey's famous productivity book 'Seven Habits of Highly Productive People'. The table itself is a 2x2 square where columns represent urgency (urgent and not urgent columns) and rows represent importance (important and non-important rows) of the matter. Thus, any task may be allocated (and placed in a relevant cell) to one of the categories:

  • urgent and important: you have to deal with these tasks ASAP because otherwise something may go wrong
  • important but not urgent: this is where your potential for growth lies because the tasks in this category are important but you have time to work on them without a rush
  • not important but urgent: this is what distracts you but must be dealt with anyway
  • not important and not urgent: this is something you may confidently forget about without remorse

In Busy Life Planner the Eisenhower matrix is the third button on the left on toolbar.

By default, all task and notes in Busy Life Planner are classified as not ugent and not important. You may change any of these on Tags and Flags tab on the right. Once changed, the relevant task will move to an appropriate cell of the the Eisenhower table.

The tasks and notes in the table are sorted in alphabetical order.

Also, the Eisenhower matrix layout works perfectly with Filters which focuses precisely on what needs to be done now.

Integration with browsers (Firefox and Chrome)

The Busy Life Planner Plugin helps to transfer links and selected text from Firefox or Chrome to Busy Life Planner app in one click. Instructions:

  1. Install the Busy Life Planner Plugin:
  2. Select the relevant text on a webpage.
  3. Click the Busy Life Planner icon in the top right corner of Chrome or Firefox.
  4. A pop-up notification in the bottom right corner will notify you on a successful task creation.
  5. Open Busy Life Planner, go to Inbox - the task name will bear the first five words from the webpage title. The link to the webpage and full-length text you have selected will be in the notes section of the task, on the right side.

Plugin page

Tags and how to use them

Tags are short text labels that you may assign to any Busy Life Planner task, note, or folder (e.g., 'Ideas', 'Meeting Notes', 'Legal' etc). Tags help with two things: (1) they help to remember what a task is about, (2) they are quite handy when you apply the tag filter: Busy Life Planner displays only those elements that bear the selected tag(s). Tags may be long (there is no character or word limit) but it makes sense to keep them shorter.


Filters are fundamental to your efficiency by keeping you focused on what you need here and now. Filters can be applied to any aspect of a task, note, or folder:

(a) time, which include time of creation, start time, due time, completion time

(b) tag assigned

(c) characters, words, and phrases present in the name and note of a task, note, or folder

(d) attachments

(e) flags (urgent, important, goal, favorite)

(f) task present statuses (completed, pending, paused, failed)

(g) reminders set for the tasks


Any file can be attached to any task, note, or folder. The attach tab is on the right of the properties window. When you attach a file, Busy Life Planner creates a link to this file which is stored on any media, including your hard drive.

When you left-click on the file link, the file will be opened or launched. If it is a picture, your default picture viewer will open and you will see the picture; if it is a PDF document, a default PDF-viewer will open this document.

It is important that you do not move or rename the linked file. Once moved or renamed, the link to the file needs to be updated.

There is an alternative method for attaching images. Instead of attaching them as files, you may insert them into the Notes tab as images (press the button with the clip sign). In this case they will be stored in Busy Life Planner database (meaning not as links) and will become independent of the original file.

Download Busy Life Planner:

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Busy Life Planner for Windows x64 Jul 11, 2021
Busy Life Planner for MAC OS Jul 11, 2021
Notes for Busy Life Planner Firefox Extension Apr 25, 2020 1.2
Busy Life Planner for mobile
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Busy Life Planner for Linux
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